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bigbangobsessed's Journal

I have a busy mind, and therefore find many prompts (often smutty) to write about. However, I also have a busy schedule; it takes me a little while to get things done. If I don't like something, I may completely drop it. However, if I truly like a work, I will see it through to the end.

Yeah, I'm one of those authors ^^;

I've tried to write things other than BIGBANG, but since they're my absolute favorite band and I'm not quite sure how to write hetero stuff attractively... I'm just writing boyxboy BB stuff. 미안해요! I hope you like my stories and support both myself and BIGBANG. The boys first, of course! ♡

Feel free to send fics you think I'll enjoy~

Also on: AsianFanfics, Archive of Our Own
(AFF is primary, and I will share my fics from there)